Vandy Vape Kylin Mini RTA Review

Probably one of the most sought after RTA’s on the market, the Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA is a single coil, postless build deck that has a unique colorway and patterning. It also features a 270deg honeycomb airflow, a top fill and a 360deg e-liquid reservoir.

270deg honeycomb airflow

Among the most impressive features of the Kylin Mini is its 270deg honeycomb airflow. This feature allows air to enter the tank from the top, funneling it straight through the honeycomb holes on the build deck. The airflow is not as powerful as the rest of the RTA, but it does the trick.

Aside from the 270deg honeycomb airflow, the Kylin Mini also boasts a postless build deck, which is great news for the novice. In addition, the Kylin Mini’s knurling is top notch. The build deck isn’t only machined well, it also has a few notches to make it easy to mount leads.

In terms of wicking, the Kylin Mini’s wicking is simple enough to leave your fingers free to do other things. The air flow control ring has a couple of snug-fitting O-rings and a stopper. The o-rings are a great touch, as they prevent the wicking from slipping and messing up your mod’s airflow.

The Kylin Mini V2 RTA is one of my top picks for the best RTA available, thanks in part to its knurling, honeycomb top airflow and small but mighty chimney. The vaporizer vapes as well as it looks. It also has an 810 drip tip, which helps keep the lips off the top cap.

The Kylin Mini V2 is a great RTA that does everything well. It is also an aesthetically pleasing unit, albeit a little on the small side. It is easy to assemble and the most important thing is that it works! Despite its relatively diminutive size, the Kylin Mini V2 RTA is a good choice if you are looking for a high-end RTA at a reasonable price.

Single coil, postless build deck

Among Vandy Vape’s latest additions is the Kylin mini single coil, postless build deck. This is an RTA that has a 25mm diameter and is perfect for single coil builds. It also features a postless build deck, a 316 stainless steel chassis, and a 0.3ohm pre-built Clapton coil. The tank features a bubble glass tank and can be filled with 5mL of e-liquid.

The Kylin mini single coil, postless deck uses a top-fill design, making it much more convenient than the usual screw off cap. It also features an airflow control ring that has 21 honeycomb style airflow channels.

The deck also features side-mounted screws. The postless deck accommodates both single coil builds and dual coil builds. It also features an extended half-pipe design that claims to hit the coil from 270 degrees. The deck also features an internal flavor chamber that helps to keep the vapor from getting warm.

The deck also features bevelled inserts that guide airflow up through the center of the deck. It also features a narrow chimney that helps to minimize the loss of flavors.

The airflow is also smooth and provides enough airflow for clouds and a rich flavor. The airflow has a slight restrictiveness at the widest setting.

The deck also features a large wicking cutout. It also features a threaded top fill system. The atomizer is constructed from durable stainless steel and includes a spare parts bag.

Vandy Vape’s Kylin mini single coil, postless design deck comes with a PEEK splitter and a spare parts bag. The tank is also available in 6 colors.

The deck is designed to be used with coils wrapped clockwise or counter-clockwise. It also features a sliding top cap, which is convenient for advanced vapers.

360deg top fill

Among the vape crowd, the Kylin Mini is a perennial contender. This 24.4 mm drool-proof eel boasts an elongated elliptical coil, a full-sized chamber and an outer cylinder. There is also a plethora of colors, styles and finishes to choose from. The best part about it is that it can be assembled in a flash.

For starters, the Kylin Mini is available in black, red, silver, yellow, and green. The manufacturer has also deemed it worthy of an official status badge. One of the most enviable perks of being a part of the Kylin family is the flexibility of the sizing options. The aforementioned red, gold and silver options make for a nice stocking filler for the vape enthusiast in the family. The manufacturer also offers a bespoke, hand-built, black version of the same model. Regardless of which option is selected, you are still left with an impressively built tank. The Kylin is a well-oiled machine, which should be a pleasant experience for the vaper in the family.

The Kylin Mini is a good choice for a first-timer looking for a new kit to upgrade from their preexisting arsenal. Likewise, it’s an ideal choice for a seasoned vaper who’s looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest kit. The manufacturer offers a two year warranty, which is more than satisfactory. Despite the fact that the company is a relative newcomer, its products are well thought out and have been praised by the vape cognoscenti for years.

Vandy Vape Kylin Mini V2 RTA review

Using the Kylin Mini RTA is an easy process. You’ll find a curved post-less quad terminal build deck on this RTA. It’s made out of durable stainless steel and includes a spare parts bag.

You’ll also find an adjustable airflow ring on the coil. The ring adjusts to accommodate different coil heights. It’s a small thing but it can make a big difference.

The airflow on the Kylin Mini is great. The air hits the coil from two sides and then passes through the mouthpiece. It also does a good job of keeping your flavor pure.

The Kylin Mini is not perfect though. If you’re new to RTAs, you may find the wicking channels hard to use. The wicking channels may also cause vapor lock. You can also expect a leak.

Kylin Mini V2 RTA is an improved version of the original Kylin Mini. It’s got a better airflow, a more extended half-pipe deck, and a postless build deck. It also has a new knurling design on the top cap. It’s also been updated with bevels.

Vandy Vape is a company that’s renowned for producing great products. They are also well-liked by new vape enthusiasts. They have a lot of experience with mech mods and rebuildables. They’re also known for precision machining.

Vandy Vape’s Chief Engineer is Stefen Z (Zhang). They also have a team of designers. They prioritize top-notch flavours and effective design.

The Kylin Mini V2 RTA has an improved design and great airflow. It also comes with two glass tanks. Its capacity is five millilitres. It’s also refillable. It comes with a 0.3ohm pre-built Clapton coil. The tank is available in a wide variety of colours. It’s a great RTA and you should definitely consider picking up one.